1960 VW Bus

Car photography is a passion. Unlike many car photographers, I shoot the details of cars. Rather than place a car in a scene, I prefer to show the character of the car itself. And rather than shooting new cars, I prefer the old, the classic, the forgotten and the abandoned.

Cars have lines and surfaces that communicate about the society they were born into and the technology available at the time. They convey something of their own past. The details were given a lot of attention by designers but many have been forgotten. Most go unnoticed by consumers.

The goal is to show the unseen and give a new perspective to the seen. Just possibly, when you see a car, you will say to yourself, "I remember when ....".

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Other Work

On occasion I do portraits of people at their work. My goal is to show some personality while telling something about their life. You can find this work at Working Hands.